To choose a tattoo design is particularly very difficult especially when it is your first tattoo because this is going to be with you for your entire lifetime. Therefore you should follow the following steps to choose one –

1. Research – research on the idea that you have in mind or visit some artistic website on the internet to get ideas about the latest trends and creative artworks. Browse through different media and take a look at all the amazing art that people are trying.

2. Slow down – You need to think carefully and deeply before getting the tattoo because this is gonna be with you for the rest of your life unless you can afford the expensive tattoo removing therapy.

3. Idea that connects with you – You should choose an idea that connects with you especially for the first timers. One should not choose a design because it looks good or is pleasing to watch. The design should be one that connects with your heart .

4. Choose the body part – Think and choose the right area in your body for the tattoo by considering the following points –

a) Do you want a intimate design for intimate area or a casual design that will not look awkward with any type of clothing.

b) If you are a girl you can think because of the evening wear dresses that are strapless and backless .

c) If you work in a corporate world then will it pose any problem if it is in a visible area.

d) Consider how likely will it be to cover the area where the tattoo will be.

5. Find a perfect tattoo artist – One should research on this area mainly because the way the tattoo will turn out depends on the best tattoo artist and the methods used by the artist to design and make the tattoo. Consult the artist and give him idea about your design or a sketch that you have designed for the tattoo and ask them to create some samples or custom designs for you.

6. Print and take rehearsal – Finally when you are happy with your design take a printout of it and try on the body part where you want the tattoo to be. Carefully analyse the design only then ask for the permanent tattoo to be inked.

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