If you are looking for the best tattoo artist in Jaipur then you must consider the following points before getting a tattoo.

1. Look for the history – A tattoo artist can be a professional or a scratcher. Scratcher is the one who might be artistically gifted but has no knowledge about the instruments and studio conditions and might operate from small places like home and basement. He may not use proper sterilizing methods for sterilizing needles and instruments which can cause infections and diseases. The other one is a professional tattoo artist who will maintain the standards of the studio and will keep his instruments clean and sterilized. It is mandatory to choose an artist who keeps everything clean and disinfected like a doctor or surgeon. The only way you can choose is by going through the portfolio of the artist and checking the methods used by him.

2. Samples of previous work – The only way you can choose a tattoo artist is by going through the portfolio of the artist and checking the methods used by him. What all are the designs created by the artist, look at the creativity, is the work clean and colors blended well in shading.

3. Cost factor – This is one of the important factors to look while choosing the best tattoo artist. As the tattoo is for lifetime you should not consider cheap and average options as they may take into consideration cost cutting methods where they might use cheap instruments and colors which you may regret for the rest of your life. Tattoo is priceless and unique and so the choice should be made after looking into the methods and practices of the artist as it is a one time investment for your body.

“Low grade tattoos are not great and great tattoos are not low grade”

4. Infection Control – Following points are need to be taken into consideration strictly –

a. Sterilized packaging of needles are opened in front of you
b. Machine is properly sterilized
c. Used needles are disposed in a closed container after every use.
d. Workspace should be clean and there should not be a mess.
e. Tattoo artist wears latex gloves and washes his hands.
f. All the necessary steps are taken to control the infection.

5. Professionalism of the artist – The artist is certified and trained to work with safe and hygienic practices. Also the artist should possess and autoclave certificate. Autoclave is a machine just like a pressure cooker usually seen at dentists place which is used to sterile the needles and equipments.
If you wish that you get the perfect tattoo that always reminds you of your motivation or memory for the tattoo then you must visit the best tattoo place in Jaipur

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